air handler refurbishment

Three Reasons to Have a Commercial Air Handler Refurbished

Any air handler can only remain in service for so long before it will need repair or refurbishment. A refurbished air handler can function well for years to come, so long as all the most important issues get addressed. Experts at air handler refurbishment are able to solve any problems that might arise and to make sure their work will provide long-lasting benefits.

Professionals Who Have What It Takes to Restore and Refurbish Air Handlers

Every commercial HVAC system includes an air handler that plays a critically important role. In addition to drawing in and distributing fresh air as needed, this component is responsible for facilitating its conditioning and heating.

Because an air handler is necessarily exposed to the environment, it will inevitably experience deterioration over time. Cleaning and maintenance can slow down this process, but refurbishment will eventually become the best option.

Experts at refurbishing air handlers can deal with all of the problems that such units can experience as time passes. Some of the issues that will most often be addressed in the course of refurbishing an air handler are:

Microbes. Most air handlers end up harboring moisture, and that can make them excellent breeding grounds for bacteria and other microbes. An air handler that becomes infested with bacteria can present dangers to human health that cannot be ignored. A properly refurbished air handler will be nearly free of bacteria and unlikely to support additional growth for some time to come. While regularly cleaning will still be needed, refurbishing an air handler will make it much more resistant to bacterial intrusion for years thereafter.

Leaks. When moisture accumulates in parts of an air handler, it will sometimes escape via holes and cracks that have developed since the unit was new. A leaky air handler can cause damage to structural materials that support it, adding greatly to the costs of repair faced by a building's owner. A thoroughly refurbished air handler should be free of leaks and less prone to developing new ones for some time.

Corrosion. Air handlers are normally made of materials that resist corrosion, but this is not to say they are invulnerable to it. Corrosion that goes overlooked will slowly undermine the integrity of an entire air handler. The process of refurbishment should normally include the removal of all the corrosion within an air handler.

An Excellent Investment

Arranging to have an air handler refurbished will normally resolve problems like these and others. That will often be the best way to extend the life of an entire HVAC system while keeping costs as low as possible.